In an intimate yet dynamic gathering, the Media Clubroom’s #BondFire 05 event sparked a vibrant discussion on a topic that is becoming increasingly critical in today’s world – sustainability. With an eclectic panel of experts, the event titled “Sustainability: Why Should Companies Care?” delved into the significance of sustainability in corporate landscapes, inviting attendees to embark on a journey of curiosity, discovery, and insight.


The panel, comprised of Ailynn Seah, CEO of Lumiere Consulting, Jean Chua, Head of Branding & Communications at NTT Data Singapore, and hosted by James Yin, Co-Founder and CEO of V-Plus Agritech Pte Ltd, shed light on the multifaceted aspects of sustainability and its far-reaching implications. From climate change to remote work practices, the conversation traversed diverse terrains, providing attendees with a holistic perspective on how businesses can align themselves with the principles of sustainability.


“Sustainability is more than just a buzzword,” asserted Ailynn Seah, setting the tone for the discussion. As CEO of Lumiere Consulting, Ailynn’s insights were deeply rooted in her experience of guiding organizations towards sustainability-driven transformations.

Sustainability is a paradigm shift that companies need to embrace wholeheartedly. The future of our planet hinges on our collective efforts, and businesses have a pivotal role to play.

Ailynn SeahCEO, Lumiere Consulting


Jean Chua, representing NTT Data Singapore, brought to the forefront the role of technology in the sustainability equation.”Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand,” she emphasized.


As we embrace digital solutions, we must ensure that these advancements contribute positively to the environment and society. It's about leveraging technology for the greater good.

Jean ChuaNTT Data Singapore


James Yin, the host of the event, shared his insights as an entrepreneur in the sustainable agriculture sector. “Sustainability isn’t just about environmental considerations,” he remarked.


It's also about social inclusivity and economic viability. In my journey, I've realized that creating sustainable businesses goes beyond the bottom line – it's about leaving a lasting impact

James YinCo-Founder/CEO of V-Plus Agritech Pte Ltd

The floor was open for attendees to contribute their thoughts and questions. One participant posed the question of whether the needle had truly moved for companies in terms of adopting sustainable practices, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Another attendee raised concerns about the challenges companies might face in pursuing sustainability.


“The adoption of sustainability varies,” responded Jean Chua. “But the mindset is certainly shifting. We’re seeing more companies embrace a hybrid work model, which not only aligns with sustainability but also creates a culture of collaboration and flexibility.”

Ailynn Seah further elaborated on the challenges. “Change is never easy, and it’s often accompanied by resistance,” she explained. “But starting small and setting clear goals can pave the way. Companies need to recognize that sustainability is an investment – in their future, their reputation, and the well-being of the planet.”

The event also touched on the concept of collaboration, as James Yin highlighted the importance of like-minded partnerships. “When companies work together, the impact amplifies,” he said. “Collaboration isn’t just about sharing resources; it’s about sharing knowledge, insights, and a common vision for a sustainable future.”

In essence, BondFire 05 brought together diverse perspectives that collectively formed a tapestry of insights. The event underscored that sustainability isn’t a solitary endeavor; it’s a shared responsibility that requires action, innovation, and a continuous willingness to learn.

As the event came to a close, one sentiment echoed loud and clear – sustainability isn’t a fleeting trend; it’s a defining aspect of our era. With each individual and business taking a step towards a more sustainable future, the journey becomes not only a necessity but an opportunity for growth, collaboration, and positive impact.

And so, the conversation on sustainability continues, inspiring companies and individuals alike to embark on a transformative voyage towards a more sustainable and resilient world.


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