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In many eyes, film is still the gold standard and digital is just now starting to catch up and, in some ways, surpass it.


There are many things to consider when buying and using a video camera. The most familiar being the DSLR. Considered to be the minimum standard when taking “pro-looking” videos, DSLRs come in many shapes, sizes, and most importantly price.

Off the bat, the most obvious thing about using your phone video camera vs a DSLR is image quality. Phone sensors and lenses are tiny, and they do not capture enough light to give a amazing footage when compared to a DSLR. That said, not all DSLRs are created equal. Being originally designed to take still photos, higher end DSLRs lack important things like capturing sound well and recording high quality videos for extended periods of time.

While most lay people consider professional looking video footage as one with a high depth of field (a very blurred background with a very sharp subject) there are many other things that defines a video camera. Learn about the cinema cameras, a different breed of camera focused on delivering high end video footage and the complexities that make them superior to the DSLR.


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