U.S. singer Will.I.Am thinks she’s ridiculously hot. Glen Ballard, the producer of Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror, says she has a truly amazing voice. Renowned producer Dave Stewart calls her a sultry and sexy performer who’s amazing at singing and songwriting.

Indeed, there’s no stopping this powerhouse singer. She has been all over the world, touring and collaborating with some of the top acts in the entertainment industry and making a name for herself (a big one, that is). We were lucky to have a chat with the beautiful Cindy Gomez, as she shares with us what goes behind being one of the hottest, talented female singers to take the world by storm – one stiletto and a time.

As an established singer who has collaborated with international big acts like Eurythmic’s Dave Stewart, A.R. Rahman and The Beatles’ Ringo Starr, how has creativity played a part in your success?

Cindy: An artist cannot exist without creativity. Creativity is what being an artist all is about. From start to end its all about ideas, thinking outside of the box and being able to express yourself. For me it starts with the core of who I am at the time when I make a record – what I wish to portray sound wise, vision wise and image wise. Then comes the music; when I wrote my Spanish album “Fuego Fatal”, I had to compose in Spanish and added Greek elements in the music to make it different with the help of Greek producer John Koudounis. Once the songs and production were created I had to think of photography, album cover, videos and so forth. Its limitless creativity which is what life is truly about.

How has working with creative agencies helped you in expanding your brand and art?

“A great creative agency should be able to understand an artist and portray who they are whilst allowing them to branch out into previously untapped creative potential.”

Cindy: Every performance an artist gives creates awareness of who they are and what they stand for.

How can creative agencies collaborate with individuals from the entertainment industry?

Cindy: Working with creative specialists who help create campaigns or shows alongside an artist can only be beneficial. When two creative persons join together, it’s like an explosion or a melting pot of minds that creates a bigger, more exciting and rewarding idea. Anything is possible it just depends on what the desired outcome is.

We are inspired by brilliant minds who love taking risks. What inspires you and your music?

“Everyone has a story to tell. I see the world and every being as having unlimited potential. It’s endless what one can create, you just need to let go in order to go beyond your own limitations.”

Cindy: Life inspires me. We are all beings in human bodies that are capable of such vast emotions and experiences.

Finish this sentence! Curiosity killed the cat but creativity…

Cindy: … brought it back to life!

Our Take As A Creative Agency

We were thrilled to engage Cindy as the ringmaster of Standard Chartered Bank’s 2010 D&D, themed “Fright Night Comedy”. The dynamic team that brought the event to life was the result of an efficacious collaboration of talented individuals – namely international makeup artist K F Bong, dance studio Danz People and the amazing Cindy herself. Together we delivered a loud yet engaging event that excited more than 4,000 guests – thanks to the creative choreography and aesthetic appeal of the talents, performances and sets.

Working with a multitude of talents from different backgrounds and industries teaches us to find the value of what one has to offer on a broader spectrum. We look beyond the boundaries of normalcy to find avenues with creative potential – and turn it into something great.

Creative solutions are not only for us, but for the masses, if we understand how to use them.

Cindy Gomez is an international singer-songwriter who has worked with top acts on a global platform. She has appeared on Larry King Live and the Craig Ferguson Show as a back-up singer opposite music legend Ringo Starr. Her vivacious looks has landed her on the covers of numerous magazines. She sings in 8 languages and co-wrote the official song of the Lifeball, Europe’s largest AIDS-related event. Cindy is currently working on an English album set to release in 2014.

Get Get to know Cindy Gomez by visiting her official website or connect with her via Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

To download her latest album “Fuego Fatal” on iTunes, go here.


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