The average adult consumes more than five hours of video per day and more than one hour is on digital devices. However, the number of people and brands creating these videos that everyone is watching is still a small fraction compared to those who are watching.  

YouTube generated $9 billion in revenue for 2015 and sees 4 billion daily views. Video is undoubtedly the social media platform of the future.

Lately, all social media platforms have been pushing for features centering around live streaming. Why? This is due to the number of people and brands creating these videos is still a small fraction compared to those who are watching. 

By enabling social media users to create real-time live streams of their daily lives and more, these platforms remove the stigma that video has to be well produced and edited to be seen, shared and generate revenue.

With live streaming capabilities, anyone can contribute to the already billion of daily views on these sites and thus help them advertise in these videos. Sure, you might not see an ad while the live stream is actually live, but once it’s over, saved and posted to a Facebook page you better believe it will have an ad roll somewhere.

Live video could be a way to model and show off your new summer line to the masses in real-time as you unbox them. Think of live streaming as a window. One that gives your consumers a glimpse into your world and business. Give them something they want more and more of and before you know it they’ll be lifelong customers.


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