Advocate went down an exciting path recently in our adventure to rebrand our client’s brand image and identity. We were determined to deliver more as we wanted to take this opportunity to prove to our client, The Brat, (and ourselves) that we are more than just a creative agency. Taking the project head on, the Advocate team marched to the drawing board and brainstormed a tirade of ideas.

In this campaign, Advocate plays the role of an intermediary by bringing an exciting partnership together for The Brat, introducing them to an amazing talent, Stephen Langdown. A unique collaboration between the two, this heavyweight is definitely one to watch out for.

The ‘brat’ with a big heart.

The Brat is a local joint that runs on the belief of providing quality food and service from the heart. Beyond that, it is a business that strives to always go above and beyond the expected. Being in the F&B business since 2006 and successful at that, The Brat is ready to take on a bigger role.

The idea is to give back and to support the local sports scene by investing to build up passionate and determined sports individuals. The Brat is keen to fuel potential athletes to excel in sports and create more opportunities for these talents. This stems from a desire to hopefully garner more support from people towards the sport scene in Singapore.

To help them reach their objectives, Advocate begin the search for The Brat’s first sports ambassador, a suitable sports athlete that will fit The Brat’s criteria of Passion, Excellence and Confidence. After going through a long list of suitable candidates, we finally narrowed it down for our client to a well deserving one.


A roaring talent was spotted
Like a safari, the realm of social media can be a predatory ground and in this theory, Stephen Langdown stood out like a beastly tiger. With a following of more than 85,000 on his Instagram, this Brazilian Jiujitsu and Muay Thai fighter has surely something to prove.

Langdown, aged 20, took up the sport 2 years ago and was about to embark on his journey in ONE Fighting Championship (ONE FC) for the very first time. This was a perfect opportunity for Advocate to gel The Brat and Langdown together. For his big debut in the game, we decided that it was important that we help to garner as much support for the youngest contender in ONE FC as we can.

Working with the synergy

After being approached by Advocate, the ecstatic fighter wasted no time and got down to business. The collaboration started with a photo-shoot with none other than Charlie Lim. We believe that a strong creative direction is the foundation to produce a successful outcome. This was reflected when the team looked into the nitty-gritty details of the shoot; from the art direction to the right amount of (faux) sweat adorned on the fighter. We worked with Charlie in his creation of an art piece while Langdown brought all his moves to the stage. Ultimately, the grimaces on our faces were wiped clean with satisfaction after seeing the results of the photo shoot. (Check out Charlie’s pieces here:


As ONE FC was fast approaching, the Advocate team worked quickly with The Brat to tap onto its social media platform. With our efforts, the Facebook page received an increase of more than 20,000 views, spurring engagement amongst online users and ultimately giving more support to Langdown.

A live feed of the ONE FC was wired to The Brat’s page which the team used to document the much talked about event and leading to the most anticipated fight starring Langdown and his Malaysian opponent, Marc Marcellinus.

Langdown wasted no time, sending his opponent down and led himself to victory. The win showcased an elated Langdown parading on the international stage with a strong crowd cheering him on at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

As we gave a live coverage of the fight, Langdown’s instantaneous victory brought an uproar onto The Brat’s page. It welcomed waves of congratulatory notes garnering more than 50,000 views from unique visitors.

In commemoration of Langdown’s victory, the team called for a celebration, sending out event invites to the media and supporters. The intimate session captured favourable attention from the media and amongst the mix is Glenn Oliver, the Editor-at-Large at The celebration ended with supporters receiving autographed posters of Langdown and a necessary victory toast.

More than just a creative agency

In a short span of time, Advocate managed to garner a strong-based of support for The Brat’s first ever sports ambassador. Following the successful collaboration, we will continue to assist The Brat in the search of the right athletes and forming great partnerships. You will definitely be seeing more features of their athletes in the near future.

After going through many (creative) hardships, the team is grateful for the rewarding result of merging these two parties together and making the collaboration happen. Through this, we’ve undoubtedly gained the know-hows and tricks of the trade to tackling any unforeseen hurdles.


Advocate has always aspired to be more than just a creative agency. With the result from this recent campaign, we are ecstatic to have once again extended our role and successfully reaching the objectives of our client. We look forward to meeting the different needs of our clients by shape-shifting ourselves to the various demands and goals of project briefs.

Excited for the change and progress. We say, bring it on!

About The Brat: The Brat is a local food joint nestled in the heart of Orchard Road. Located in Plaza Singapura, The Brat has been around since 2006. The establishment will spearhead towards expansion in 2014 and with plans already in place, it will be featuring more athletes in the near future. For more information on The Brat, visit and

About Stephen Langdown: The ONE FC contender is a pro MMA fighter that took up the sport 2 years ago. This 20 years old plans to be involved in up and coming fighting championships. Look out for this promising fighter as he surge towards his goals. For more information of Stephen Langdown, visit


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