We had a chat with Ross Lindell, the founder and president of Information Officer. Built in 2006, his company specialises in software development, consulting and hosting for traditional and internet-based businesses.

The 47 years old American is based in California and has clients ranging from New York to the South East Asian and European region. He has lent his expertise and worked with many commendable clients such as Pentagon Technologies, November Research Group and Klout, to list a few.

Apart from being known as a tech-guru, we discovered that Ross is also a race-car enthusiast. It is clear where Ross may have gotten that winning drive that paved his way towards becoming the affluent man he is today.

Intuitively, we felt it was only appropriate that we took the interview to the tracks; just to see the man at his best, on ground zero. We aren’t the ones to shy away from any opportunity to be on the same tracks with Ross, and watch him burn some good rubber.

So, we drove, we talked and we were left impressed.

How has working with creative agencies helped you in your business?

Ross: First impressions are important to us and our clients. A creative agency will ensure our customer’s strengths are communicated to their clients quickly.

“A creative agency can help to keep a message consistent; from website, social media, mobile, business cards, and even traditional media such as print, which can be challenging.”

What has been the memorable projects that you and Advocate have collaborated on? Can you share more on the process and results of the collaboration?

Ross: Advocate helped us with a large Japanese company, which needed guidance and ideas for a web application. We had built the technical parts of the application but the client was struggling with some aesthetic matters. Advocate then advised and helped to resolve what might have otherwise been a difficult situation for us to handle.

How can creative agencies collaborate with individuals from your industry? What are some of the value-add services can we provide each other?

Ross: Technology leaders are still in the process of learning and understanding the benefits of creativity; as the best technology will not get an audience without compelling content or applications. Content-creators are slowly grasping onto the idea that technology can either be very beneficial, or very disruptive.

“Working together with a creative agency like Advocate, technologists are able to build exciting new products and services, and content-creators can reach out to new markets and audiences.”

How would you describe your experience working with creative agencies thus far?

Ross: We are sometimes a bit too quiet as a firm, which is not uncommon for technologists but this could get us into trouble. When working with a creative agency, communication gaps are bridged quickly, and our customers benefit from having an advocate that help to keep the project moving forward.

What would you tell other individuals in your line of work on collaborating with creative agencies? What can they expect?

Ross: Creating bespoke web applications is an inherently creative process, both technology-wise and business process-wise.

“If you can find a creative agency to assist early in the process, the benefits of having a consistent approach will pay dividends such as shorter time to market, lower costs, and an increased brand awareness.”

Finish this sentence! Curiosity killed the cat but creativity…

Ross: …gave the cat eight more lives! That’s what is nice about innovation and creativity. Just when you think you’re dead, you can figure something out, and come back.

Our Take As A Creative Agency

We must say that Ross has taught us how one should value personal interests, just as much as work itself. His passion for his work has impressively fruited a basket of achievements; and all this whilst keeping his interest of race-car driving alive.

Having the privilege to collaborate with Ross and his team, we recognised that it takes more than a good relationship (between us and our clients) to produce great results.

Working for a software company puts us under an opportunistic light, as we were given the chance to play an extended role of being more than just a creative agency. Maintaining a mobile and fluid role during the work process helped to strengthen our creative thinking skills and generated new avenues for creative growth.

With this, Advocate has better understood the growing needs of our clients and surpassed our own expectations.

We welcome every possibility to work with different industries, as we go beyond our boundaries in the plight of seeking fresh avenues and opportunities for creative growth.

Ross Lindell is the founder and president of Information Officer, a company built in 2006. Based in California, Ross also manages a strong team in Singapore. With 14 years of experience under his belt in the semiconductor industry, Ross has held respectable positions such as Director of Engineering to Chief Information Officer. Ross’s list of work includes engineering and building world-class semiconductor service facilities.

For more information of his company and its services, visit www.informationofficer.com.


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