No brushes. No paint. No canvas. 30 seconds. One source of light.

This is how Charlie Lim creates his masterpieces, using a trademark artistry he developed called the “Oil-Painting” Photography. His rebellious attitude towards photography is both refreshing yet rewarding, allowing the experienced photographer to revolutionise the art in ways many would not dare to. We are honoured for the opportunity to chat with Charlie on his success, his drive and his passion to evolve with photography.

As a thriving artist with numerous international nominations under his belt (such as U.S.’ International Color Awards Annual Photography Masters Cup and Ngee Ann Kongsi’s Photographer of the Year 2012), what makes you stand out from other photographers in the industry?

Charlie: I am different in a sense that I “paint” with light – while others work with brushes, flash or some other light source. Being different and thinking out of the box is vital in the art industry and I am unique because I want to revolutionise photography by using one light source. At the end of the day, I want to be remembered as “The Painter of Light”.

How has working with creative agencies helped your brand and business?

“Working with creative agencies and event companies have helped me in creating more awareness for my “Oil-Painting” Photography trademark artistry, which is new to the world of photography. On my part, I have done my research and perfected the art over many years – so these agencies are here to expand my brand and art worldwide.”

We are inspired by how you are constantly pushing the boundaries of photography. What inspires you and your photography?

Charlie: Music, painting and basically daily life as a whole.

How can creative agencies collaborate with individuals from the art industry?

Charlie: Artists and creative agencies should work hand-in-hand as a creative team – complementing each other’s services. Together, we can create an interesting yet valuable proposition for business associates and the masses.

“Collaboration allows more creativity in concept and delivery – that is why artists have worked with creative agencies for many years.”

Finish this sentence! Curiosity killed the cat but creativity…

Charlie: … helps us have a better life, better living and better future.

Our Take As A Creative Agency

We enjoy witnessing Charlie create brilliant masterpieces using only darkness and a single source of light. It inspires us to push the boundaries of creativity as well. In 2012, we collaborated with Jamila Wang to produce an exclusive coffee bookPaint to Pixel: Exotic Bellydance Captured Through Revolutionary Photography. It consisted of a compilation of Charlie’s “Oil-Painting” photographs of Jamila and her troupe of exotic bellydancers – and was well-received by both the bellydance community and Charlie’s growing following.

We are living in the era where things evolve rapidly. People. Ideas. Technology. It is only right (and smart) that we keep abreast to these changes and grow with them. Enhance our knowledge and skills. Upgrade our concepts and services. Be an agent of positive change.

To be sustainable is to think out of the box and be a step ahead.

Charlie Lim is an art director, commercial photographer, fine arts veteran, noted speaker, and founder of “Oil-Painting” Photography. A nominee of Singapore’s Spirit of Enterprise Award, his works has been exhibited at the Singapore Design Festival (2009). Globally, Charlie has appeared on Channel News Asia’s Primetime Morning, Channel U’s Money Week, and most recently is one of 200 international artists featured in the World Wide Art Book Vol. II. He also received nominations for the 5th and 6th International Color Awards Annual Photography Masters Cup (USA). Charlie boasts a clientele as star-studded as his industry accolades; actors and politicians alike have had their portraits gracing his studio walls. He aspires to be a wall design specialist one day.

For more information on Charlie Lim and his work, visit


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