With more than 80 million users sharing 4 billion photos, Instagram just keeps getting bigger.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Instagram is a popular photo-sharing social media platform enjoyed by everyone who’s anyone in this world. The photos are usually filtered with cool edits, hence making Instagram the home to sophisticated and artsy photography (accompanied by #annoyinghashtags). This week, it launched its new video function – getting everyone (especiallyKeek and Vine) on the edge of their seats.<

With over 5 million videos posted within the first 24 hours, we bet you’re eager to share 15 seconds of your life with the world just like Justin Bieber, who has posted over 12 videos so far. Here’s a list of insightful articles that may help you consider if you, or your business, should insta-video.

1. Amateur videography is the bane of our existence, no matter how many filters you throw in. (Why Instagram Can’t Do for Video What It Did for Photos, Gizmodo)
2. So…you’re not that interesting. (Why is Everyone So Bad at Instagram Video, Vanity Fair)
3. Instagram, photo or video, is supposed to capture interesting things. #wedon’tcare #aboutyour #halfeatendinner (Why Instagram Video Is A Terrible Idea, Business Insider)
4. Scrolling through endless selfies make us have doubts in today’s generation. Crappy video selfies? Worse. (Video Killed The Instagram Star, TechCrunch)
5. Instant News Updates: 5 Middle-Aged Aunties in Hello Kitty Brawl! (What Instagram Video Means for News Coverage, ABC News)
6. Why post a photo of our latest lingerie line when we can upload a video of our hot models prancing in them? #youcanthankuslater (Instagram Video and What It Means For Your Business, Social Media Today)
7. Burberry and Michael Kors are doing it, so should you? (Instagram Video for Brands, The Guardian)

We were pretty stoked about this video function (and have been rambling non-stop on creative ideas and concepts for our Instagram) but we need to make sure we do it right. It’s great that Instagram has created a new outlet for us to be creative but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

For brands and businesses, we need to understand our audience and the implications it may have once we start posting videos on people’s feed.

Will loading time cause our audience to skip our video? Is there such a thing as sharing too much? Are my posts becoming more like ads? What type of content should I upload? And the list goes on.

Till then, here’s an Instagram video of Madonna booty-popping in her bathroom for us.


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