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Climate Change Trail at Orchard

In light of Earth Hour 2015, WWF-Singapore launched the first-ever Climate Change Trail. This is to show everyone the dire consequences of climate change and what we can do to help. The trail transports visitors to a world affected by global warming and features three potential scenarios. Namely a supermarket amidst food scarcity, and a shelter set up due to intense flooding and a Housing Development Board (HDB) flat caught in a heat wave.


A First-hand Experience at the Climate Change Trail

An advocate of climate change myself, I took the opportunity to check out the Climate Change Trail one evening. Stretching from the entrance of ION Orchard to Wisma Atria, the three capsules were spaced in the midst of the hustle and bustle of traffic. To be honest, they almost look out of place amongst the lush greenery and Singapore’s prominent sky scrapers that map out the well-known road. The first capsule was a supermarket amidst food scarcity. The supermarket was bare; void of any produce… And suddenly, a scuffle broke out amidst the evening calm, breaking my silent reverie. It was a group of individuals fighting over the last bag of rice!

Next along the trail is a scenario of a shelter set up due to intense flooding. I was cajoled into entering the dark shelter… Inside, gunnysacks lay scattered beside a pool filled with empty drink bottles and trash. A screen on the wall flickered on and played a simulated news broadcast about a flood happening at Orchard road. During which, a strong mist came down at all of us (mimicking a flood, apparently), stifling us! I left the shelter like a drenched kitten (slight exaggeration there).

The last part of the trail was the façade of a HDB flat. Entering, I was greeted by a strong wave of heat. Scratch that, it was THERMONUCLEAR! I felt perspiration trickling down my back almost instantaneously. Surely it must be like, 50 degrees?! I wondered out loud. “Actually, it’s about 42 degrees”, a voice quipped in the darkness. Once again like clockwork, a news broadcast was presented about the magnitude of climate change. So if global warming continues, earth’s temperatures will exponentially increase! I stumbled out, feeling like a piece of bak kwa.



It’s been a real eye opener to be part of a global cause. To me, this is a very fulfilling experience, being able to do my part for our planet and helping to spread the message on climate change. Apart from my usual work, this project has also taught me to be more aware of the impact of my carbon footprint and how easy it is to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Check out the Climate Change Trail at ION Orchard from now till 28th March 2015. Join the WWF-Singapore team for the global symbolic lights off event by forming the ‘60+’ Earth Hour logo with LED candles at ION Orchard, 8:30 pm.


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