Jamila is living the dream of every belly dancer. She owns her own belly dance business. Teaches the craft in her studio and on live TV. Performs on an international platform. Wins numerous awards and titles. Has a following of almost 50,000 people on Facebook.

This tall beauty is definitely a force to be reckoned with.  After returning from her trip to Istanbul and winning the Solo Winner title at the Rakkas Istanbul International Oriental Dance Festival 2013, we had a chat with Jamila on her experience as our resident artist and talented friend.

As a belly dance enthusiast with a following of almost 50, 000 people, how has working with creative agencies assisted you in expanding your brand and art?

Jamila: Agencies like Advocate have constantly introduced fresh concepts and creative ideas that have allowed us to enhance our performances aesthetically. We had the opportunity to work with international makeup artist, K F Bong, where we used reflective luminous body paint on the dancers to make us glow under the UV light of the venue. It gave the traditional art form a refreshing yet contemporary look. This creative idea, paired with our choreography and craft, captured the attention of everyone in the audience.

How can creative agencies work with talents from the art industry?

“The best thing creative agencies can provide us is the creative input and innovative ideas – as well as the enthusiasm to leap into bigger and better things.”

Jamila: We employ these attitudes and creative solutions onstage – from the concept to the aesthetic outlook and even the music selection. All these efforts have encouraged us to venture into new artistic ideas in dance and choreography. We enjoy discovering new techniques with Advocate to make our performances more exciting.

Can you share your most memorable collaboration with a creative agency?

Jamila: Last year, we launched the exclusive book, Paint to Pixel: Exotic Bellydance Captured Through Revolutionary Photography. It was a collaborative effort between my team, Advocate and renowned photographer and founder of “Oil-Painting” photography, Charlie Lim. We appreciate how the book reflected the craft and my team in a cohesive flow of words and bold images to tell a story. I use the book to show potential students the culture, essence and beliefs of my business, Bellydance Extraordinaire.

From your experience, what advice would you give other individuals from the art industry when collaborating with creative agencies?

“Mutual understanding and frequent communication is vital in understanding new forms of creativity.”

Jamila: Through this communication and understanding can we truly agree on a solution that benefits and represents both parties. The team from Advocate understands what we want and always delivers.

Our Take As A Creative Agency

Working with talents like Jamila and her troupe of dancers from Bellydance Extraordinaire has encouraged us to visualise the roles and value-added services we can provide each other in our businesses. We provide artists with the opportunities to showcase their craft in a unique and exhilarating style yet serving their main purpose as talents for an event.

Pairing more than one talent in a project allows artists to support each other in establishing their brand and their name. The Paint to Pixel book is an example of our efforts to unite talents from different backgrounds in a project that will benefit all parties.

We are a creative agency, yet we understand our universal role as a creative hub that provides innovative solutions for individuals and companies from diverse industries by increasing our value-added element in every project we undertake.

Be a business that everyone needs, not a business that needs everyone.

Jamila Wang is a belly dance champion and founder of Bellydance Extraordinaire. She began belly dancing in 2005 under the guidance of international teachers such as Madam Raqia Hassan, Dr Mo Geddawi, Prof Hassa Khalil & Nuriyya and many more. In 8 years, Jamila has performed at various international events and won 3 international awards for Best Solo Artist.

For more information on Jamila and Bellydance Extraordinaire, visit www.bellydanceextraordinaire.com


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